Raw Spirit Creations

"I love working with light and would love to create a work of art that touches your soul. Those memories attached to various pieces of jewellery are often more important than the jewellery themselves. Is it the memory of a loved one that has passed? Is it a great holiday always treasured? Is it a special occasion piece? Whether it is a $2 bali trinket or a $5000 dollar diamond necklace, it does not matter as the beauty will be within the piece itself.

Raw Spirit Creations predominantly does personal commissions with occasional pre made pieces listed for sale on Facebook. Mostly necklaces, I also work with fabric, beads, paint, crystals and other various natures' treasures to create hanging art of a different kind.

How does it work? You get together a small collection of your favourite pieces of jewellery, email or pm me a photo and a budget. I will let you know whether I can work within this budget and if so, what you would expect to receive. I can make a simple bracelet that holds the energy of your grandmother to a complex piece that incorporates your life to date! I do not have too much of an idea as to what will transpire until I step into my creative room with your pieces and get to work so I hope you are not someone who likes to know what you are going to get! Please trust in your spirit and that of whoever you choose to bring and we will all work together and create magic"

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